With over 15 years’ in the medical and recreational cannabis industry, Black Flag Genetics works with both new ventures that are in the planning phase and operational cannabis farms in Sub-Saharan Africa needing to optimise yield, efficiency and quality standards. 

Packages are tailored to specific requirements. Services include:


The global cannabis industry is booming and its potential is being realised in Africa. Those new to the industry must find trustworthy and experienced advisors to direct and protect their investment. This can be challenging with all the contractors and equipment suppliers flooding the industry with their attractive sales pitches and promises of high ROI. It’s difficult to know who to trust and many inexperienced businesses have already learned the hard way.

Contrary to popular belief, consistently producing world-class Cannabis is not as straight forward as it might seem (or you have been led to believe).

Building and managing an indoor, greenhouse or outdoor cultivation system comes with many challenges that can occur in both the design, management, production and post-production processes. Those new to this industry often fail to understand the complex requirements for growing high yield, pharmaceutical grade Cannabis that meets international regulatory standards.

Successful medicinal cannabis cultivation requires mechanical sophistication; plant sense gained from working closely with Cannabis in various growing conditions and mediums; efficient workflow and systems management; and strategic planning.

As a passionate, ethical and experienced cannabis grower, Black Flag Genetics is dedicated to helping your business succeed in this complex industry.


Our team spends time getting to know your plans and system.
We visit your facility and conduct a thorough audit of plans, systems and processes.
We compile a detailed and bespoke report outlining recommended solutions.
When required, we can help you implement the solutions. This includes facility design, cultivation and staff training.
We will closely monitor your data and performance, adjusting and refining your systems and processes as needed.

THE GOAL - support your business to consistently grow high yielding medicinal Cannabis that meets international pharmaceutical regulatory standards so that you can successfully sell your product on the global market at a top tier price point.

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