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  • Nova Naartjie – Boutique bird seeds pack of 15


    Nova Naartjie – 1st place Outdoor Flower, 2022 Garden Route Cannabis Cup South Africa

    Mother: Tangie by DNA Genetics

    Father: Biker Kush V2 by Karma Genetics

    Characteristics: Nova Naartjie has quite stretchy tendencies with large buds of a medium density, some quite block-like and a bit fox taily, and some just the right ‘egg-like’ shape, reeking of Citrus – on the Naartjie/Mandarin side of things. The majority of the phenotypes are dominated by the Mother (+-70%) and the remainder (+-30%) express notable interaction between both parents, enhancing the desired shape, and density, and adding some complex Gasoline/Fuel terpenes. During trials; all of the phenotypes expressed vigorous rooting capabilities when cloning with a robust vegetative cycle and notable lateral branching.

    Flowering: +-10 weeks

    Terpenes: Citrus, Gas, Fuel, Diesel, Sweat, Coffee, Berry, Kush.

  • Sceletium tortuosum extract

    Sceletium Tortuosum extract


    Wholesale Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna) extract more than 5% alkaloids.

    GMP certified extract. Manufactured in South Africa.

    COA on request.